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Our Mission

Arms 2 Artisans facilitates the connection of Veterans to Education, Experience and Support, enhancing their ability to Thrive as Creators and Artists.

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Helping Veterans connect with the right educational resources that match their area of interests. This includes sponsored workshops, certificate programs and degree programs

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Connecting Veterans with organizations that can immerse them in their area of interest. We do this through sponsored internships and partnerships.

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Supporting everyone we work with through genuine peer connections and support. If a Veteran needs assistance in areas that are out of our expertise, we will connect them to the people who can help.

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“It’s that short amount of time I take for myself to silence the rest of the world to focus on this cup of coffee I’m about to make. There’s peace in making it.  I’m thankful to Arms 2 Artisans for helping me continue to hone that art”.

Joe Zoleta - Black 6 Coffee 

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